Photoemulsification : results from a study on high-grade cataracts

3 March 2022

Dr. Pavel STODULKA, world specialist in laser cataract surgery, based in the Czech Republic, treated 21 patients with high grade cataracts (greater than 3, average 3.8 ranging from 3 to 5.2) using the latest FEMTOMATRIX clinical prototype from Keranova during an intense week of treatments in January 2022. Approximately 80% of the patients treated were operated without any use of ultrasound, thanks to the new PhotoEmulsification process, which is a major world first for this type of cataract and makes it possible to envisage clinical results which, in terms of tolerance and the absence of side effects, will constitute considerable progress compared to the current performances of surgery by phacoemulsification. Of 21 patients, 16 received bilateral treatment, the other eye being operated using the traditional technique. FemtoMatrix significantly reduced endothelial cell loss. On the photo visible here, we see a patient with a “golden eye”, a new aspect of the cataract after photoemulsification. The surgeon then only has to aspirate the emulsified nucleus with irrigation/aspiration.