Our Mission

Contribute to advances in ophthalmic surgery

By proposing the FemtoMatrix® surgical system as early as 2022 to the first wave of specialized surgical centers fitted, to convert from decades-old surgical procedures still in use today to state-of-the-art surgery.
KERANOVA's ambition is to open a new chapter in ophthalmic surgery, as the phacoemulsification technique has done in its time.
Fabrice Romano
D.V M, Founder

With the immense technological progress made in recent years in the fields of lasers, photonics, robotics, electronics, and digital tech, the time has come for a transformation of ophthalmic surgery through the introduction of an intelligent, fast and robotic system that foreshadows the surgery of the anterior segment of tomorrow.

KERANOVA’s ambition is to open a new chapter in ophthalmic surgery as phacoemulsification did in revolutionizing cataract surgery.

Secondly, KERANOVA will also shake up the surgical techniques in refractive surgery.

KERANOVA’s mission is to give surgeons and patients alike access to surgery of tomorrow, i.e. predictable, precise, repeatable, safe and swift, well-tolerated, patient-friendly surgery; increasingly automated so the risks associated with the procedure are constantly on the decline, making operative outcomes more certain and, ultimately, allowing all patients an even opportunity.

KERANOVA’s endeavor is to make FemtoMatrix® the new Gold Standard for cataract surgery for the benefit of all.

Our goal, by contributing to technological progress, is to make life easier for surgeons and improve the quality of life of their patients.

Photonic science
at the service
of ocular surgery