Interview of Dr. Damien Gatinel on our recent comparative study PhotoEmulsification VS Phaco

12 December 2022

Interview of Dr. Damien Gatinel, Head Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery Dept. , Rothschild Foundation, Paris, France

Dr. Gatinel answered these questions about the recent pivoltal study which included a cohort of 33 patients treated by Dr. Pavel Stodulka :

  • What was the design of the study ?
  • FemtoMatrix is equipped with a robotic arm and change the way it is used in the OR. Any coment on that ?
  • This ultra-fast laser is able to perform a real PhotoEmulsification. What are the advantages of this method ?
  • The efficacy of PhotoEmulsification was tested. What did we learn about the possibility of a zero phaco procedure ?
  • No significant increase in operating time was observed. What is your comment on this ?
  • What is your vision of the progress made possible by FemtoMatrix technology ?
  • After this study, do you think that we finally have the technology which will really replace Phaco and satisfy the surgeons who are waiting for real innovation ?