Groundbreaking technology

The FemtoMatrix® will be the first ophthalmic surgical suite to possess a unique set of technological capabilities that translate to a level of performance far ahead of the current standard:

  • Photonic technology allows, for the first time ever, to shape the laser beam by adjusting the wavefront that can be dynamically programmed in 3D to obtain a matrix of spots or spots of varying shapes depending on the type of cut you opt to perform.
  • Access to a multispot matrix or variable geometry spots permits FemtoMatrix® to perform cuts at much higher speeds than the current standard resulting in Photoemulsification®. The surgeon then simply aspirates the finely diced nucleus without resorting to ultrasound in the vast majority of cases.

  • An intelligent and autonomous OCT image-based system that calculates the ideal energy level necessary for safe and effective emulsification, drastically reducing the amount of gas produced.
  • Revolutionary optics to compensate for potential aberrations that otherwise degrade the quality of the laser beam.
  • An optical fiber in which, for the first time in the world, the femtosecond laser beam is injected resulting in substantial mobility of the optical head.
  • The resulting mobility combined with the robotic arm allows the surgeon to operate the FemtoMatrix® without moving the patient, for unequaled comfort and precision.

A unique technological advance

Photoemulsification® by FemtoMatrix® is thus well placed to supplant existing semi-manual, operator-dependent surgical procedures. It will render anterior segment surgery faster, more accurate and reproducible, through automated equipment possessing vision and intelligent software, exceptionally precise robotic movements, to make surgery ever safer and give all patients an equal opportunity.









All-in-one surgical suite

FemtoMatrix® will be able to perform completely programmable surgery with almost no human intervention – starting with corneal incisions, a capsulotomy, full Photoemulsification® of the nucleus and relaxing incisions for the correction of astigmatism. The surgeon will make extensive use of the system’s I/A fluidics and, in the most challenging cases, can use the built-in phacoemulsification module.

Laser beam shape becomes programmable in real-time

FemtoMatrix® for the first time, technology embedded in an ophthalmic surgical device will be used to automatically program the shape of the laser beam with a photonic module acting in real time on the wavefront to optimize the speed, sharpness, and precision of the cut.

Thus the laser will be able to simultaneously produce several spots with an adjustable matrix (number of spots, distance, and position in space), or to produce spots of complex geometries to augment the quality of the cuts.

The end result is high-speed emulsification of the lens that no other technology is capable of achieving.

The future of cataract surgery: FLACS becomes FOX

“FOX” as in “FemtOCataractSurgery”

Photonic science is a complex science that studies acts on the behavior of photons. It is noteworthy that photonics helped to turn once blurry images taken by powerful telescopes into the sharp, detailed, and spectacular celestial pictures.

This very great complexity has been mastered by KERANOVA, to make it a unique technological foundational block that makes our lasers ultra-efficient. FemtoMatrix® will be the first system in the world to incorporate photonic science and enable surgeons to enjoy a new and unique experience.

The fragmentation of the lens will no longer be manual using ultrasound, it will be automated, lightning-fast, and carried out by virtue of photonic science.

Cataract surgery enters a new era: that of Photoemulsification® which will supersede phacoemulsification and FLACS.

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