Fabrice Romano
KERANOVA's ambition is to open a new chapter in ophthalmic surgery, as the phacoemulsification technique has done in its time.

D.V.M., CEO, FounderFabrice Romano

Chairman of the Board
Denise Hoblingre
Executive Vice PresidentDenise Hoblingre
Valérie Calenda
PhD, partner at Mérieux Développement Investment FundValérie Calenda
Celia Hart
PhD, General Partner at Supernova Invest FundCelia Hart
Michel Therin
D.V.M., PhD, President, Advanced Therapies, Siemens HealthineersMichel Therin
Philippe Tourrette
President Tourrette Investissement FundPhilippe Tourrette
Marc Le Bozec
Observer, Fund Manager – Financière ArbevelMarc Le Bozec