ESCRS iNovation day, september 16th 2022, Milano (Italy)

1 September 2022

We are pleased to announce that Keranova will deliver a presentation at iNovation® Day on September 16th, before the ESCRS Congress, in Milan. Fresh clinical data will be shared from a recent randomized comparative clinical study – the most comprehensive conducted to date, done in May. Outcomes from the study corroborate or surpass earlier research and confirm the overwhelming superiority of photonic science-based FemtoMatrix® technology, the only capable of performing genuine PhotoEmulsification®. One key finding that will be discussed, is that while current FLACS devices reduce ultrasound energy during cataract surgery by an average of 20% (Kolb, Meta-analysis, JSCRS 2020), FemtoMatrix® achieves a reduction of 99%!

The company’s primary objective is to give ophthalmic surgeons access to this unique technology, the only capable of supplanting phacoemulsification as the golden standard by allowing extraction of the lens with zero ultrasound in already 90% of patients (n=33, average grade 2.6, min 0.6-max 5), while maintaining comparable suction times. The FemtoMatrix® unit is compact and by virtue of its robotic arm, it can be installed in the OR. The surgeon can perform an entire cataract procedure without having to reposition the patient; a substantial gain in time and safety for the patient. After the laser sequence (capsulotomy, lens emulsification and corneal incisions), the surgeon is then free to complete the job without interruption using his operating microscope (the robotic arm of FemtoMatrix® automatically returns to park position).

After the immense service rendered by phacoemulsification in the advancement of cataract surgery, FemtoMatrix® foreshadows a new standard – speed with pinpoint accuracy, ultrasound-free – safer and more effective. In the wake of this study, Keranova will submit a complete file for CE marking per the new MDR regulations, by the end of this year.

Look at the videos that will be presented at the iNovation day :

iNovation Day (
SESSION #3: Expanding advanced cataract extraction – Robotic Femtophaco, automated capsulotomy and key postop refractive considerations