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D.V.M., PhD, President, Advanced Therapies, Siemens HealthineersMichel THERIN

Since 2018, Michel Therin has headed the Advanced Therapies branch, one of the three branches of Siemens Healthineers. He is responsible for the strategy and operational activities of the 5 business units it comprises, namely interventional cardiology and radiology, surgery, radiotherapy and robotics.

Previously, he held a number of positions within the Medtronic group, responsible among others for General Surgery, Abdominal Wall Surgery, Biosurgery and Sutures. Prior to his acquisition by Medtronic, Michel Therin was also in charge of research and advanced technologies for the surgical division of Covidien. He was previously Managing Director and Vice President of Research and Development of Floreane Medical Implants, where he developed the entire product and intellectual property portfolio until its acquisition by Covidien in 2005.


About Michel THERIN

Michel THERIN is a graduate of the Maisons Alfort veterinary school, holds a doctorate in Biological and Medical Engineering, option Biomaterials (Paris XIII) and a university degree in toxicological and experimental anatomopathology (Paris VII).

His name is associated with the filing of some sixty international patents over the past twenty years.


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