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DVM, PhD, Chairman of the BoardMichel Therin

Michel Therin has a wealth of experience in defining and implementing Medtech deployment strategies worldwide.
Formerly President of Siemens Healthineers’ Advanced Therapies division, he defined and steered the development strategy for the interventional imaging business at the time of Siemens Healthineers’ IPO, focusing on oncology, neurology, and cardiovascular care, and played an active role in the acquisition of Corindus and Varian for a total of almost 18 billion euros.
He also spent twelve years at Medtronic as Global Vice President & General Manager, responsible for the development and marketing of innovative devices for general surgery.
Prior to this, at Floreane Medical Implants as Vice President Research & Development and General Manager for 9 years, Michel Therin invented, developed, and launched numerous breakthrough innovations in the field of abdominal and pelvic reconstruction which rapidly established themselves as market leaders on the international market, leading to the company’s acquisition by Tyco Healthcare in 2006.
Since 2022, Michel Therin has been appointed successively Chairman of the Board of: Ganymed robotics (https://www.ganymedrobotics.com), Affluent Medical (https://www.affluentmedical.com) and Caranx Medical (https://caranx-medical.com). All promising start ups in the field of robotics and next generation minimally invasive therapies.


About Michel THERIN

Michel Therin holds two doctorate degrees: in veterinary medicine (École Nationale Vétérinaire de Maisons Alfort) and biomedical engineering (Paris XIII). He is the author of numerous patents and publications and has been
a speaker at over 100 international medical congresses.


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