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Philippe Tourrette, President Tourrette Investissement FundPhilippe Tourrette

Self-made man, Laureate of the National Contest of Enterprise Creation, Winner of Les Victoires des Autodidactes in 2000 organized by Harvard Business School, Philippe Tourrette creates IOLTECH Laboratories in 1990 specialized in the field of ophthalmology. Very quickly the company becomes one of the European leaders of intraocular implants. In 1998 the company operates with great success its IPO and initiates a significant diversification by developing innovative products such as Mydriasert a new galenic form to control the diffusion of active ingredients at the eye level.

IOLTECH also puts on the market a range of equipment as retractive lasers, phacoemulsificators and operates several acquisitions in the sector with Vitrolife in Scotland – manufacturer of viscous products, FCI – manufacturer of medical devices for the posterior segment of the eye and the American company Ciba Vison – specialized in intraocular implants, owned by Novartis.


About Philippe Tourrette

In 2005 IOLTECH (Turnover 120M€, 500 employees) is acquired by the German group ZEISS AG. Philippe Tourrette ensures during 2 years the integration of the company with a great success.

Following this period, Philippe Tourrette creates TI a family investment fund and acquired major and minor holdings in various fields such as medical (Zeiss, Hemarina, Keranova) software/web and AI (VSG, Genius Objects, Artsper, Swaven) and hotel (Hôtel Le Clos Saint Martin ****, Ré island).


Michel Therin
DVM, PhD, Chairman of the BoardMichel Therin
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PhD, partner at Mérieux Développement Investment FundValérie Calenda
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