On Monday the 16th of September Keranova held a lunchtime symposium at ESCRS congress. More than 180 Ophthalmologists attended this live event, while many more could not get inside the room due to larger than expected crowds.

Dr Sheraz Daya gave a friendly introduction to the symposium and the speakers as the event chairman, and facilitated discussions amongst the presenters.

The presentations started with the genesis and vision of Keranova as recounted by CEO Fabrice Romano and co-founder Professor Gilles Thuret.

Dr Cyril Mauclair, as a Physicist and co-funder of Keranova, outlined the science behind creating a multi-spot treatment: the modification of the laser beam wavefront using a dynamic phase mask!

Next, the revolutionary TSS energy management technology built into the FEMTOMATRIX laser system was described by Dr Aurélien Bernard, Chief Scientific Officer of Keranova (see § Revolution).

Dr Pavel Stodulka then shared as a grand finale a brief summary of the first in human study: results from the Photoemulsification® and capsulotomy cases that were successfully performed at his facility (Gemini Eye Clinic, Zlin, Czech Republic).