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Who are we?

Who are we?

KERANOVA is a young, dynamic company that is developing new-generation ophthalmic surgical devices featuring unique technology; utilizing the emerging science of photonics to construct ultra-fast medical lasers.
Disruptive and proprietary know-how

Disruptive and proprietary know-how

The KERANOVA FemtoMatrix® device is packed with 14 patented technological innovations that deliver a level of performance that existing technology in ophthalmic surgery cannot match.
The new standard in surgical performance

The new standard in surgical performance

By making it possible to modify the laser beam wavefront, the KERANOVA FemtoMatrix® is the one and only system capable of executing genuine cataract Photoemulsification®. Have a look for yourself!
The rewards of academic work

The rewards of academic work

KERANOVA’s advances take root in technological breakthroughs made by the renowned academic laboratories of the Jean Monnet University of Saint Etienne, France.

TECHNOLOGYGroundbreaking technology

The FemtoMatrix® will be the first ophthalmic surgical suite to possess a unique set of technological capabilities that translate to a level of performance far ahead of the current standard.

A unique technological advance

Photoemulsification® by FemtoMatrix® is thus well placed to supplant existing semi-manual, operator-dependent surgical procedures. It will render anterior segment surgery faster, more accurate and reproducible, through automated equipment possessing vision and intelligent software, exceptionally precise robotic movements, to make surgery ever safer and give all patients an equal opportunity.









Our mission:

Contribute to advances in ophthalmic surgery


I will never forget seeing for the first time in my life the myriad of golden cubes in human lens after Femtomatrix laser Photoemulsification.
Dr. Pavel Stodulka
Gemini Clinic, Zlin, Czech Republic

Recent videos on our YouTube channel :

Interview of Dr. Damien Gatinel on our recent comparative study PhotoEmulsification VS Phaco

Keranova presentation at Inovation Day ESCRS 2022 - Milano - Michael Brownell

Interview of Dr. Mark Packer, cataract and refractive surgeon, Oregon, USA, about last clinical results and why FemtoMatrix technology will change cataract surgery


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