KERANOVA will be the first company to provide ophthalmic surgeons, a new and totally revolutionary surgical equipment, able to achieve different surgeries of the anterior segment of the eye, such as cataracts and refractive surgeries.

Strong of our experience of several decades in surgery of the anterior segment, but also in laser, photonics, optic and robotic technology, we have developed a solution that really meets the expectations of surgeons, with high performances surpassing those of current technologies, no constraints in the management of patient flow, no excessive additional cost, no need for the patient or surgeon to move during the procedure and equipment whose size and ergonomics will allow to find its place in any operating room.

An all-in-one surgical equipment that will enable, for example, to perform a complete cataract surgery with a single device, realizing a real photoemulsification ®, and no longer a simple precut of the lens, with a new generation femtosecond laser based on a unique technology and protected by many patents.

This technology gives our laser a super-fast speed that can perform, with superior cutting quality, a corneal flap in less than half a second compared to the actual 10 seconds with the current technologies.

Thus, our surgical equipment will largely replace the manual operator dependent surgical procedure, making surgery fast, extremely accurate, repeatable, automatic with an intelligent device and ultra-precise image guided robotic movements, in order to make surgery even safer and give all patients equal chances.

For this purpose KERANOVA takes benefit from a major academic discovery of different laboratories based in Saint-Etienne in France, which involves for the first time in a medical application, the modification of the wavefront of the laser beam. This one is really dynamically shaped by a proprietary computer-controlled technology brick and complex algorithms. This gives the laser beam new properties that were unknown until now in medicine, and gives it a speed that we could not imagine attainable otherwise. This speed is not reached by the action of a single mobile laser spot as in traditional machines, but thanks to a matrix of multiple spots forming three-dimensional complex geometric shapes, totally controllable in real time.

Thanks to this unique technological advance, our surgical equipment will be the only one able to perform cataract surgery automatically, robotically and ultra-precisely, in a few seconds. The surgeon will only have to aspire the emulsified debris of the crystalline lens and to introduce the implant into the operated eyeball. So our machine will perform about 80% of the surgical procedure without human intervention while the surgeon will perform the end of the procedure, which involves no potentially dangerous gesture.

Soon our equipment will also be equipped, without change in the core system, with intrastromal refactive surgery programs, which will benefit from the same speed of execution and the same accuracy and repeatability due to robotization.

After about 30 years of hegemony of the phacoemulsification technique, which caused a surge forward to cataract surgery in the late eighties, today with KERANOVA, we are at the dawn of a new leap and a new era: that of photoemulsification ®, where the surgery becomes robotic.