As a 3-year old start-up company, Keranova is still in the R&D phase. However the excellent surgical results using our Photoemulsification® procedure obtained in a recent pilot clinical study in the Czech Republic gave the company the confidence to show its technology for the first time at the recent international congress.

And what better occasion than the ESCRS 2019 in Paris for a French Start-up?

That is why our CEO, Fabrice Romano, chose to use the 2019 ESCRS as an opportunity to share the FEMTOMATRIX laser system innovations, which are dedicated to a revolution in Cataract Surgery.

Displayed on a jewel box stand in Keranova’s booth (see picture) the FEMTOMATRIX laser system previewed an automated docking procedure continuously during the congress, thanks to the programmable robotic arm that is part of this new medical device.




Every Ophthalmologist could see the technical innovations brought to the cataract surgery field by Keranova’s FEMTOMATRIX. The most visible were the Robotic Arm that provides precise-light-touch-controlled-docking and the integrated I/A fluidics and Phaco module that enables the FEMTOMATRIX to replace both a Femtosecond laser system and a Phacoemulsification instrument.


But beyond these visible innovations, several game-changing technical advances are hidden inside the machine: a revolutionary optical design that provides a precisely focused laser spot that is optimized for efficiency and efficacy both in the crystalline lens and in the cornea; the Threshold Scanning System (TSS) that detects the tissue photodisruption thresholds throughout the lens with a novel OCT image guided technique that enables a customized energy treatment for each lens, and a Phase-mask wavefront modification module that creates a multi-spot scanning pattern for the ultrafast Photoemulsification® procedure based on the TSS optimized energy profile of the cataract lens.