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KERANOVA is a dynamic start-up specializing in innovative medical technologies. We design and develop surgical equipment for various ophthalmologic indications involving the anterior segment of the eye.
Our teams are working on novel surgical instruments that use a unique patented technology that represents a major advance in ophthalmic procedures.

KERANOVA has integrated this breakthrough innovation into its first surgical device, which offers performance that even recently would have been considered unattainable. The company holds a patent portfolio of 10 patents.

The company is building on the research of academic teams from a variety of specialties at the Université Jean Monnet de Saint Etienne, under the prestigious Academy of Lyon in France.


KERANOVA’s mission is to advance ophthalmic surgery by offering new surgical tools that in a few years will revolutionize the decades-old surgical procedures still being used today. Our goal is to open a new chapter in ophthalmic surgery; much like phacoemulsification did when it arrived on the scene.

Another of the company’s goals is to provide access to both surgeons and patients to a previously unheard of form of surgery: the surgery of the future, in which procedures are increasingly automated and surgical risks are increasingly reduced, making outcomes more predictable and offering patients more opportunities.

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