12 12, 2019

Revolution – Energy Management

Keranova has developed an OCT guided process to detect the tissue photo-disruption thresholds throughout the lens called the Threshold Scanning System (TSS). TSS is a 3-steps process that takes only few seconds during the treatment planning phase of the FEMTOMATRIX cataract procedure (Fig below). Step 1: Delivery of 8 laser spots with increasing energy [...]

12 12, 2019

ESCRS 2019 – part 2 « KERANOVA Symposium »

On Monday the 16th of September Keranova held a lunchtime symposium at ESCRS congress. More than 180 Ophthalmologists attended this live event, while many more could not get inside the room due to larger than expected crowds. Dr Sheraz Daya gave a friendly introduction to the symposium and the speakers as the event chairman, and [...]

12 12, 2019

ESCRS 2019 – part 1 « FEMTOMATRIX presentation »

As a 3-year old start-up company, Keranova is still in the R&D phase. However the excellent surgical results using our Photoemulsification® procedure obtained in a recent pilot clinical study in the Czech Republic gave the company the confidence to show its technology for the first time at the recent international congress. And what better occasion [...]

10 10, 2019

Celebrating world sight day with 5 extraordinary ophthalmic companies…


10 09, 2019

KERANOVA S.A. raises €24M in second round of financing


5 09, 2019

We are exhibiting…

3 05, 2019

Pavel STODULKA presented at OIS-ASCRS 2019 in San Diego

Pavel Stodulka, MD, PhD, surgeon and founder of Gemini Clinic in Zlin, Czech Republic, gave an amazing talk during Ophthalmology Innovation Summit 2019 in San Diego, about his own experience of robotic ultrafast KERANOVA's laser FemtoMatrix used on first human patients, and performing the first photoemulsification procedures, which announces the future of cataract surgery. https://youtu.be/x1A0WQXN0L0

20 12, 2018

The first robotic laser procedure for eye surgery by KERANOVA

During its landmark first-in-human photoemulsification of a cataracted lens, Keranova also pioneered the use of a robotic arm. Keranova is dedicated to bringing technology that matches surgeon’s needs: improving patient outcome and surgeon's comfort while delivering more efficient medical procedures.

14 12, 2018

The first human cataracted lens to be ever Photoemulsified.

A key date in cataract surgery. Matrix, the next generation all-in-one equipment for cataract surgery with new ultra-fast Matrix femto laser technology and Robotic arm, has been successfully used for treating cataract on human patients. During the landmark experiment, several patients’ lens have been photoemulsified in 20 000 small cubes which were removed with Irrigation/Aspiration. [...]

12 06, 2018

… et le gagnant est : KERANOVA !

KERANOVA remporte le Trophée Start-up Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes 2018 dans la catégorie Medtech, ainsi que le Prix "Coup de Coeur de Public", toutes catégories confondues. Un magnifique succès qui distingue KERANOVA, son avancée technologique et son ambition mondiale de révolutionner la chirurgie de la cataracte avec le premier système robotisé intelligent, ultra-rapide.