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Chairman of the Board, D.V.M., CEO, FounderFabrice Romano

Fabrice Romano trained as a D.V.M. (Doctor in Veterinary Medicine) and specialized in ophthalmology and microsurgery. He began his career in 1989, working in medical technology at Domilens Laboratories, a leader of intraocular implants in Europe (acquired by Bausch & Lomb). While there, Dr. Romano was responsible for new lines of implants and surgical equipment for cataract treatment.
Dr. Romano’s career took him to Biomatech (NAMSA), Multi Active (McCann Erickson HealthCare), Sofradim (COVIDIEN), and EDAP-TMS. His 30-plus years in the industry provided him with experience in a host of capacities, from R&D to Marketing to Business Development, finally leading him to found his first start-up – Medtech, EyeTechCare – in 2008.

A well-known success story in France, that company has more than 40M€ in private funding and was able to launch a therapeutic breakthrough innovation in just four years with his EyeOP1 invention for the non-invasive treatment of glaucoma.

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He founded KERANOVA after identifying the potential of an academic discovery and conceptualizing new ways to apply it to cataract and refractive surgery..


Denise Hoblingre
Executive Vice PresidentDenise Hoblingre
Valérie Calenda
PhD, partner at Mérieux Développement Investment FundValérie Calenda
Celia Hart
PhD, General Partner at Supernova Invest FundCelia Hart
Michel Therin
D.V.M., PhD, President, Advanced Therapies, Siemens HealthineersMichel Therin
Philippe Tourrette
President Tourrette Investissement FundPhilippe Tourrette
Marc Le Bozec
Observer, Fund Manager – Financière ArbevelMarc Le Bozec